Who Manages The Susuper Investment Options

Who manages the susuper investment options

The three Pools have identical investments to the respective investment options being, the Balanced, Retirement and Cash investment options.

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To show our performance for each Pool we have shown the returns of the respective options (adjusted to reflect fee differences where applicable) up to 4 October with returns of each Pool from 4. If you are considering whether the investment option for your super is the right one for you, you should speak to your financial adviser or to one of Sunsuper’s advisers.

You can give Sunsuper a call on 13 11 84 or to change your investment option online, log in to Member Online. Sunsuper for life Investment guide Watch our podcast Join Sunsuper's Chief Economist and Head of Advice and Retirement as they discuss investments, super and how to achieve your retirement dreams. Our investment options.

Investments. Options for every type of investor. We offer pre-mixed investments chosen by our experts, or you can build and manage your own portfolio with sector options. Explore each option in detail to see the risk level, expected frequency of negative returns and asset allocations. other Plan investment options, depending on risk tolerance.

Investment types. Do It Yourself. For participants who prefer to make their own investment decisions, two basic investing strategies include: • Diversification.

1 − Amix of investment styles and types • Dollar-Cost Averaging. 2. Only administration and investments fees and costs are covered. Fees are gross of income tax. Go to sbuy.xn--b1aac5ahkb0b.xn--p1ai for further information about the methodology used and Chant West's Financial Services Guide. For the QSuper investment options: Lifetime option. The Socially Conscious Balanced Options offers Sunsuper’s members a balanced portfolio, diversified across asset classes with an emphasis on shares & property.

It is suitable for investors who are seeking to accumulate wealth over the long term and who want to ensure that their investments are made in line with an extended set of. For more complete information, or to obtain a prospectus on any Voya fund, please contact your investment professional or Voya Investments Distributor, LLC at () for a prospectus. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing. Consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing.

That's why we offer 12 different investment options, each with different targets for returns and levels of investment risk, plus a Direct Investment option. This variety lets you mix and match your investments to suit your own goals.

All options. Indirect cost ratio (a fee related to investment that is deducted from any returns before they are credited to your balance): For the Lifecycle Investment Strategy: % p.a. For Sunsuper’s other investment options: % p.a. – % p.a.

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Bear in mind that other fees may apply. Consider checking the product disclosure statement (PDS) for. The first step in working out if your super fund is performing is to compare it to how other super funds have performed over the same period.

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According to superannuation rating agency, Chant West, the investment return for the median Growth super fund for /19 was 7%, with the top performing Growth funds achieving a % return. All four of Sunsuper's superannuation investment options have had their ratings downgraded by Morningstar following its revised ratings framework.

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The $70 billion industry fund's balanced, growth, conservative and retirement options are now rated as bronze, having previously been silver. View our competitive superannuation performance for the Sunsuper Super-savings account and compare our investment options.

Who manages the susuper investment options

Strong, long-term returns Our Balanced investment option has outperformed the industry average over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. Aside from that strategic limit, the Sunsuper investment team manages the portfolio to ensure there is sufficient cash to meet all anticipated forward commitments.

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As part of the team’s liquidity management, both monthly and annual liquidity stress tests are carried out. · 20 different investment options. You can choose from a Lifecycle investment option, between a number of pre-mixed diversified options or create a build-your-own option. Manage your super online or.

In addition to the investment options listed above, there are a number of emerging trends you might consider when building your wealth. Peer-to-peer lending (P2P) P2P lending is a way you can borrow money without going through a traditional lender (such as a bank). It operates by connecting investors with companies or people looking for a loan. Our investment options. Manage your investments. How we invest. Investment performance.

Investments. View and compare our option returns.

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Looking for a specific date range? We’re working on some updates to this graph. In the meantime, you can download the. There are conditions that apply to the ongoing management of your investments (1) If you have an Accumulation account, you need to keep a minimum of $10, invested in one or more of our other QSuper investment options and (2) If you have a Retirement Income account, you’ll need at least 13 months of your current income payments in one or.

Introducing the Sunsuper app for members, where you can enjoy the benefits of our award-winning super fund at the touch of a button. Manage your superannuation investments, details and so much more straight from your device. Fast and simple access • 4 digit PIN or Fingerprint ID. You won’t need your member number to login.

• Check your super balance with one touch. A spokesperson for UniSuper told us that the fund's three socially responsible options use listed investments and mostly internal fund managers so that it can offer a low-fee product.

In contrast, Australian Super says the higher fee for its socially aware option "is a result of two drivers: the investment objectives of the option, and the. · super investment options. We give you the freedom to choose where your money is invested, because as your needs and goals change, so should your super investment choices. changes to investment options. As of 1 October our investment options have changed. Find out more. David Hartley is Chief Investment Officer at Sunsuper Superannuation Fund.

See David Hartley's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. · Target performance (after investment tax and ivestment fees) is the return of the UBS Australia Bank Bill Index (after investment tax) over rolling five year periods. Fund Strategy The fund invests in a mixture of cash deposits with Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) and invests in capital guaranteed superannuation products.

Sunsuper’s policy is in line with industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Who manages the susuper investment options

Conditions. The graphic illustration shown above is based on exit unit prices for the investment option selected and an initial investment of $1, invested at the applicable entry unit price. Unit prices are net of investment fees and costs and investment taxes. Investment fees are deducted from the daily unit prices for more information refer to the Sunsuper for life Investment guide.

Indirect cost ratio Indirect costs are expenses incurred in managing your investments in addition to Investment fees, and include explicit operational and transactional costs such as brokerage and stamp duty.

Who manages the susuper investment options

Get to know your investment options and how they can help you achieve your best retirement. It's good to be balanced With more than 90% of members enjoying its strong performance, our Balanced option is designed to help your savings grow over the long term. We believe that our active managers will deliver returns higher than returns from index managers, even after active management costs are taken into account.

In addition to expecting our managers to outperform their benchmarks through active management, we expect all of our managers to: have world–class professional investment processes, complement each other’s processes and styles, and. All the investment options are outlined in the SunSuper for life Investment Guide. Brief summary is on page 9 of the documents that shows the actively managed and passively managed investment options; Pages details the individual investment options.

The ethical options of EnergySuper, ESSSuper, QSuper and Super SA are also invested in the same pool as AMP's Responsible Investment Leaders Balanced Option. Your investment options. Find out about QSuper's investment options including risk levels, asset allocations, shareholdings and historical performance.

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View all investment options. The basics of investing. It's a good idea to understand the basics of investing before you make a change to your investments. Read. Sunsuper for Life is designed to provide a whole of life solution, with streamlined processes and communications helping members manage their superannuation from the beginning of their working life through their sbuy.xn--b1aac5ahkb0b.xn--p1aier's MySuper Lifecycle investment strategy reduces investment risk by transitioning the member to more conservative.

‎Introducing the Sunsuper app for members, where you can enjoy the benefits of our award-winning super fund at the touch of a button. Manage your superannuation investments, details and so much more straight from your device. Fast and simple access • 4 digit PIN or Fingerprint ID. You will no l.

Choosing the right investment options in super can make a big difference to your retirement savings, but it can be confusing to know where to start.

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below is an example of Sunsuper’s ‘Sunsuper for life’ investment strategy. a life stage option could be worth consideration as it provides an option that actively manages your asset. The short-term risk level classifies investment options according to their likelihood of negative returns. The short-term risk level is calculated by: Estimating the probability of an investment option delivering a negative annual return in any one year and multiplying this by This provides an estimate of how often you can expect to receive.

Sunsuper (Industry Super Fund): out of 5 stars from genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site sbuy.xn--b1aac5ahkb0b.xn--p1ai See for yourself how all our investment options have been performing.

View investment performance. % p.a. Balanced option return over 10 years (as at 30 Sep ) Winner of the Chant West award for Best Fund: Investments View investment performance. Five questions for the CIO -. ‎Introducing the Sunsuper app for members, where you can enjoy the benefits of our award-winning super fund at the touch of a button. Manage your superannuation investments, details and so much more straight from your device.

Fast and simple access • 4 digit PIN, Face or Fingerprint ID. You won. · Sunsuper CIO Ian Patrick talks about the pension fund’s experience dealing with the pandemic, tackling liquidity demands from member switching, early release of super and falling equity markets. If there is one issue that will define from an investment perspective, then it is not so much the turmoil in equity markets caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the first part of the year, but.

I'm not sure if it's just my ignorance but I've only recently come to realise that Sunsuper has partnered up with Vanguard, who manages a few of their investment options. International shares index (unhedged), MER % - Basically the traditional index fund (TIF) version of VGS. International shares index (hedged), MER % - TIF version of VGAD. This profile is factual information and is not an advertisement or recommendation for Sunsuper. Sunsuper overview. Sunsuper is a Public offer Industry fund.

Sunsuper has 40 investment options, 1 MySuper products authorised and 57% of its total assets are invested in a default or MySuper strategy. Learn more about the different types of super funds.

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Responsible Investment Association Australasia revealed over half of the top 50 superannuation funds in Australia now offer responsible investing options. REST, Sunsuper and Australian Catholic. · Sunsuper offers more investment options to choose between than AustralianSuper (here's a guide on how the different super investment options work and how to choose).

As well as the default MySuper. 1 The investment fee is charged by the investment manager of the underlying investment option and may be varied by the investment manager. As this is an expense of our super fund, for investment options not issued by us, these variations will be passed on to you without notice.

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For further information please refer to the relevant Product Guide. · There are no industry-wide estimates yet but at one very large fund, UniSuper, members have moved $ billion from growth investment options into defensive options, principally cash, since. The indirect cost ratios for the Property and Emerging Markets Shares options disclosed on pages of the Sunsuper for life Investment guide issued 1 July were understated. The following shows the understated indirect cost ratios, and the actual 1 indirect cost ratios for /18 Actual costs 1 Understated costs Indirect cost ratio % % Property % % Emerging Markets.

As announced in March, QSuper and Sunsuper have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enter a period of exclusive diligence to explore a merger. Latest update. Thank you to the many members that logged in recently to watch the QSuper Market Insight online broadcast, hosted by Chief Investment Officer Charles Woodhouse. ^ Only funds and investment products included in the Morningstar Australia database are available for fee and performance comparison.

This may not include all funds available for retail investment in Australia. Only funds with > three year returns were included in any fee comparison, and were compared to Morningstar's nominated benchmark.

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